Creating places that enhance the human experience.


To those wanting to make an impact with design, WEHHKS is the architect where focused people consistently deliver the extraordinary.

WEHHKS is a full-service Native American-owned architecture and interior design firm, founded on the principles of design excellence. The firm is owned by William (Billy) Hinton, a citizen of The Cherokee Nation (registry #40670) and principal with HKS with 23 years of experience practicing architecture. WEHHKS merges Native American culture with cutting-edge design and technology.

Billy’s story begins in his birthplace of Tahlequah, Okla. Growing up, he felt in tune with the environment around him, as he sketched, hiked and camped along the Illinois River and the Ozark Mountains. As an adult, he aspires to give back to the community that provided inspiration for his life’s work, architecture. He is committed to lending his lifelong experience and deep-rooted sense of place to make a positive impact on the Native American community.

Billy works with a team of thinkers, designers and leaders who are responsive and understand that we are in a service business and that our vision is that of our clients, never of ours alone. We are global, creating exceptional spaces around the world through our connected network of offices and people. We are one, with tremendous talent across a wide spectrum of expertise, believing that the value of talent, experience and knowledge is multiplied when shared. We are thorough, balancing extraordinary design with technical expertise and construction administration backgrounds for streamlined, on-time, within-budget projects.
We are WEHHKS. We create places that enhance the human experience. Each and every day.

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